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VikasVishranti is a Charitable trust formed under the ageis of extending a helping hand for the upliftment of society at one end to bring forth the forgotten citizens of society to the main stream at another end. Its dimensions of work mainly relates to the formation of‘APNA SCHOOL’ which works for the development of under privileged children and ‘APNA GHAR’ which works for providing comfort to senior citizens.



  1. To act as a facilitator towards making human ageing more productive and fulfilling at one end and at the other end to utilize their experience and energy for training the younger ones, who have been deprived by the society.
  2. To enrich the quality of life for seniors and to provide opportunity of learning to poor children.
  3. To serve as a help to strengthen and prolong productive and good quality independent living as well as to impart educational facilities and support to educate the poor children.
  4. To facilitate, associate and co-operate with the two distant age groups so as to bring out the best in them in order to make it purposeful for the needed ones.


  1. To impart primary, secondary and vocational education to the poor children.
  2. To promote primary health and preventive health programmes.
  3. To promote financial and logistic support to educate the poor children.
  4. To provide equal opportunity to poor children so as to pursue professional training.

We depend on help from our caring neighbors. Get involved to improve your neighborhood and support us - every step brings us a little further.  Contact us to find out how you can support us or get involved now.

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