Apna Saathi

For many elderly members of society, living alone is a way of life. After their children grow and move out, the left-behind seniors face the problem of deep isolation and emptiness. Even if the children are staying with parents they do not have time to look after the requirements of their old and infirm parents. Majority of women have also started working. They find it difficult to look after their own children and run the household. Even if they sincerely want to, they cannot do anything for the seniors. Because of these reasons system of old age homes came into existence but, anyone who has been living in a particular setup finds it difficult to adjust in new environment at an advanced age. All around us can see people suffering with emotional, mental, and physical problems. Even if they have enough money they are not able to lead a happy life.We feel that it is of no use to blame circumstances, society, family or God for our problems. We ourselves have to find out some solutions. This thought forced us to develop the system of APNA SAATHI.



Groups of senior citizens living in 1 km radius (a sector) are being formed and 3 young volunteers are being attached with a group of 25 senior citizens.

  • These volunteers visit the members once in a week to understand their problems and requirements and to assist them in getting small jobs done

  • Regular monthly get together are being planned at City Park, Haldiram’s etc. all those interested enjoy the outings and pay for their snacks, etc. directly. Anyone requiring transport is being provided the facility

  • Members are being encouraged to participate in activities like teaching/guiding underprivileged children/attending religious discourses and events organized in the area

  • Assistance is being provided in day to day procurement of things of daily use, payment of bills, visit to doctors, markets, social functions, travel, booking of transport, legal banking and other special needs.

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