Courage, Cooperation, Contentment

Children are the future of tomorrow’s society, they reflect what our country would be in near future. It is saddening to see the fate of millions of children of our country who do not go to school, due to some economic or social constraint. Founders of ‘APNA SCHOOL’ believe that every child has some or the other creative potentials and are not touched by outward trivialities, hence they only need a platform to showcase their potentials, so that they could lead a normal life. Keeping this very idea, ‘ APNA SCHOOL’ was started on 7th march 2011 with 11 students, mainly coming from oppressed society like children of construction site workers, vegetable vendors, daily wage workers etc. this effort was greatly acknowledged by residents of Gamma-I, Greater Noida and they too extended their helping hand in cooperation. ‘APNA SCHOOL’ has successfully completed more than two years of its existence. At present more than 100 children (age 4 to 14) are enrolled with the school and nearly 30 volunteers who support us in various ways.


We at “APNA SCHOOL”  got fascinated with the idea of “Each one teach one” if everyone takes the responsibility of teaching one person the  results will be unimaginable. Just with this thought Apna School was started two years back. We are only trying to work as catalyst in bringing haves and have-nots together.  Our aim is to teach the children Hindi, English reading & writing & basic Maths. The children are taught the syllabus of SARV SHIKSHA ABHIYAN.   Apart from reading and writing children are being helped with various technical  skills e.g. stitching, embroidery, knitting, painting, drawing, craft, pot decoration, and various other activities.


We conduct exams, give results and organize PTM. The child who performs well in examination is admitted in a regular school with the financial support of school’s sponsors.  These children don’t need only support but more important is guidance and moral boosting.  Anyone who wants to join the effort or can give any kind of support is requested to contact us at C-Block Park of Gamma-1,between 4 to 5 pm from MONDAY TO FRIDAY



  • We conduct classes in groups everyday, each volunteers and paid worker teaches a group of 8 - 10 children.
  • Children get there uniform twice in a year for summer and winter. In winter they get pullover and shoes also.
  • All kinds of stationary and school bags are also arranged by the school.
  • Some snacks are provided to the children on daily basis. On an average they get full meal twice in a month.
  • As per the potentials and talent of the children, we send them to various other learning centres, whose entire responsibility in terms of admission fee, school fee, books, stationary and uniform are taken care by school itself.
  • Examinations are held in March.
  • PTM’s are held on regular basis. New session start from April.
  • Children are taught all the basic subjects like: English, Hindi and Maths etc.
  • Apart from reading and writing, children are also being helped with various technical skills e.g. stitching, embroidery, knitting, painting, drawing, craft, pot decoration, and various other activities.
  • School organises and participates in functions on occasion of 26Th Jan, 15th Aug, 14thNovember, 2ndoct Events are organised by senior citizen association and RWA.  The volunteers are supporting with time, goods and advice and any skill which can be taught to children.
  • As ‘ APNA SCHOOL’ is not supported by any school building, Hence its classes are held in C Block park of Gamma-I, Greater Noida for five days a week.

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